John Brown Today

All Their John Browns (With Some Lincoln Birthday Fun)

February 16, 2021 Louis DeCaro Jr. Season 2 Episode 3
John Brown Today
All Their John Browns (With Some Lincoln Birthday Fun)
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How many John Browns can you think  of? In this episode, Lou shares some reflections on biography and how John Brown has been portrayed in biographical and cultural terms since his death in 1859 and up through today.  While this episode is about Old Brown, there is some reflection on Old Abe, but rest assured, it's all in good fun.  Or is it?  I doubt the Lincoln Squirrel is laughing. 

Biographies and books, books, books
Abraham, Martin and Jesus
Reports of Lincoln's Greatness Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
A Tower of Lincoln logs, I mean, books
The Beloved Lincoln Squirrel
It's Just Not Fair
What I've Come Up With Here
No. 1 The Christ Figure of the Abolitionists
No. 2 The Well Meaning but Lawless Extremist
No. 3 The Christ Figure of the Enslaved
No. 4 The Murderous Brigand
No. 5 The Flawed, Contradictory Good Guy
No. 6 The Patriot Liberator of Democracy
No. 7 The Insane Provocateur
No. 8 The Revolutionary Hero
No. 9 The "High Bar" of Rapprochement and Challenge for Modern Black Leaders
No. 10 The Terrorist Prototype
No. 11 A Paternalistic White Man Who Cannot Be Trusted
Like I said. . .
Biographies and Buttons
The Ham Hand May Be the Dagger Hand
A Story That Still Needs to Be Told
Abe Meets Lieut. Uhura